If you have landed on my website, you are probably looking for some advice connected to parenting. Parenting is not always as instinctive as people say it is, and that  is why I believe that every parent deserves support and care whilst raising their children.

I have experience of working with parents and most of all, I myself am also a parent, so I am well aware how  rewarding, but also how challenging parenting can sometimes be. I work with parents / grandparents  / carers of anyone who is in a position of looking after a child or children.  Attending my parenting course is not an indication of failure as a parent, but it shows that you want to learn the best way to bring your child up. There is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child. However, with my tried and tested toolbox of positive parenting strategies and solution focused discussions you can create a happy, nurturing and supportive environment for your child/children and an easier, more fulfilling and less stressful environment for yourself.

I currently run 5 weeks 2 ½ hour course:

                                          POWERFUL PARENTING STRATEGIES

This  course is aimed at parents of Pre and Primary school age children (3-12 years old).

It is a practical guide to parenting with focus on:

*  Positive ways to parent

* Building a positive relationship with our child

* Building open communication with our child

* Managing anger and difficult feelings

* Problem solutions

I deliver this parenting course for organizations / schools / group of parents.

Groups of parents:

Are you a group of friends and would like to have the course delivered at the comfort of your home?

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Schools / Organizations:

Would you like the course to be delivered at your school / organization?

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